Top 5 Experiences in Maharashtra!

Ditch the mundane trips and go for off-beat options that will not only seem like a better alternative but will also fill your holiday with an amazing verve. Here are top 5 experiences in Maharashtra that everyone worth their salt must undertake!

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

The aquamarine waters of the Arabian Sea near the Konkan coast, the vicinity of the imposing Sindhudurg fort nearby and the pristine beaches which surrounds the place. Both adventurers and non adventurers alike can enjoy the adrenaline filled sport of scuba diving. Swimming through the clean waters amidst colorful fish and sea creatures as well as witnessing amazing coral reefs. Trust us when we say the this experience will definitely change you. Book homestays in Tarkarli and undergo a magical undersea affair!

Wildlife Spotting At Nagzira

Situated in the northeastern part of the state, the Nagzira wildlife sanctuary maybe built only on a humble 152 sq km area but it houses a vibrant conglomeration of flora and fauna. Travelers can make the most of their trip here by chancing on lurking tigers, stalking leopards and jungle cats, nimble gaur and samba, the wily jackals and wolves and a range of amphibians and reptiles. Beautiful species of birds are also found here. The transition from the concrete jungle to the green jungle will feel relaxing. Accommodations in Nagzira are available.

Caving At Ajanta-Ellora

In Aurangabad almost 400kms from Mumbai the awe inspiring Ajanta and Ellora caves are present. These caves have since time immemorial attracted tourists who wanted to glimpse the evidence of art and sculpture done by our predecessors. The 34 Ellora caves are an example of meticulous design and the gift of the sculptors who created such an architecturally amazing spectacle. On the other hand, the 29 caves of Ajanta are filled with paintings dating back to somewhere between 2nd century BC and 11th century AD that reflects the importance of art in the lives of earlier civilizations. For a glimpse into our history, Plan a getaway to Ajanta-Ellora and have a good time.

Walk Through Sula Vineyards

For all those wine enthusiasts or anyone looking to have an interesting trip then the Sula Vineyards is the one for you. Located in Nasik, just a few hours from Mumbai, the Sula Vineyards are a premium wine company that have their own vineyards as well as the most comfortable accommodation to boot. Guests can take a tour through the wineries, slake the thirst of the sommelier within by tasting some sparkling wines, swim in the infinity pool, enjoy at the large auditorium as well as take part in a whole host of exciting activities. Make your trip the fun kind by Booking resorts in Nasik pronto!

Camping Across Locales

Avoiding the usual bumper to bumper roads of cities and towns., here is a holiday option that is free from all of that and offers myriad alternatives that will definitely up the fun quotient. Camping is the one thing which is a completely peaceful experience. Away from the hustle and bustle, either on the summit of a hill overlooking the valley below or in a verdant site surrounded by beautiful greenery. Camping lets you come close to nature via activities like trekking, hiking, rappeling, stargazing, enjoying a bonfire and even witnessing some waterfalls. Brilliant way to rejuvenate in the quietude and make the most of a meaningful holiday.

So, there you have it – top 5 experiences in Maharashtra each one vastly different from the other and providing the heady travelers rewarding moments indeed! Travel now!

Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device Review

Peek Pronto is a cool new gadget that allows you to access your emails anywhere in the world. But this gadget does more. You can receive and send text messages with it from anywhere. So no matter how long and far you travel, you can stay close with your text messages. It is the economical and easy to use. Unlike smart phones that can carry hefty monthly charges and long contracts, the unlimited texting plan is only $19.95 a month. That’s much less that you’d have to pay for similar services.

Designed for email and text messaging, the Peek is very easy to use. The gadget supports push email and is compatible with Microsoft Exchange for use with your corporate account, and you can add 5 accounts to it.. It also works with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, and AOL. You can also handle attachments right on your device. It can open images and PDF, so you are never stuck.

Here is what you get with Peek Pronto:

  • Unlimited Text Messages: Who doesn’t like texting these days. You can keep conversations short and get more done. In fact, you can text as much as you want, since unlimited text messages are included in your $19.95 monthly fee.
  • Color Screen: You get a full color screen with this gizmo. The device is very compact, stylish and is easy to carry with you. The device measures 2.7 x 4 x 0.4 inches (WxHxD) and weighs less than four ounces. You also get a large, 2.5-inch full-color screen with QVGA (320 x 240) resolution that is easy to read. You can also increase the font if you prefer.
  • Full QWERTY Keyboard I know a lot of folks have come to love the touchscreen feature that iPhone has, but I like having real keys on my mobile device. With the Peek, you’ll have a tactile key for every letter, allowing you to write long-text messages faster, easier.
  • Battery Life: this gadget uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives you an average of two to three days of battery life. I would have preferred better battery life, but it’s not too bad.

Overall, Peek Pronto Mobile Messaging Device is an stylish, easy-to-use mobile gizmo that saves you money and helps you be stay in touch at all times. And you won’t have to break the bank to get it.

Trouble Finding Cheap Last Minute Travel Deals? 6 Ways How

The early bird gets the worm. This is why if you book your flights or hotel room early, you get good deals for your punctuality. But sometimes, last minute travel can’t be avoided. And we know what that means since you’re booking flights last minute, you sometimes have to pay more. So can you still find cheap last minute travel seats and accommodations? Here are tips to make sure you do:

Use your frequent flier status. Membership does have its advantages and it is even more so in case you need to make cheap last minute travel arrangements. If you are a member of an airline’s frequent flier program, then you will be considered as a privileged passenger. That means you can take advantage of an age-old practice that airlines are still upholding today – reserving a few tickets for their VIPs.

If you need to make a last minute booking, go ahead and flash them your card. You also get to earn a few bonus points in the process.

Go online. Yep, these days, whenever you need anything, you go online. If you need cheap, last minute travel deals for an airplane ticket, go to the airline’s website. There are many of them that display leftover tickets for a particular flight. These are seats that have remained unsold even as the airplane is getting ready for takeoff. You’ll get some nice discounts for filling up the seats.

You could buy the tickets online but be ready to dash off to the airport or boarding gate. If you want last minute travel this cheap, you better live up to it.

Got a credit card? – Use it. Some credit card companies offer air miles programs on their cards. Check if yours is affiliated with an airline company. You can take advantage of these offerings in case you need to travel pronto. Plus, you might even collect rewards points as well.